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‘I can’t think of any organisation that works as well as this one. We often joke as a family that SASCS should run the country. Every staff member is kind, enthusiastic, well informed etc. They work as a real team and think strategically and creatively. Our child loves them and we are so grateful.’

Comment sent to the Care Inspectorate by parent/carer of a child attending SASCS.


Taken from the Care Inspectorate Report:

The combination of written information and the way staff got to know children and parents, especially those who were new to the scheme, enabled staff to be responsive to care and support needs.


Children told us that the range of activities they took part in 'were great' and 'really good fun.'


The scheme used an extensive range of resources, including staff skills. Activities were well planned and evaluated around children's interests.


While speaking to children they told us they liked staff, that staff helped them, were fair and that they made them feel safe. This trust and confidence in staff helped children to develop a sense of self-confidence and self-esteem.


To encourage children to be physically active outdoor areas or the school gym hall were used daily.


The supernumerary manager held recognised managerial qualifications and had used this well to organise and evaluate the service.


Staff were motivated, organised and encouraged to be reflective about their practice through daily de-briefing, quarterly support and supervision and the annual appraisal process. To maintain skill levels a range of core training had been undertaken.


Comment made to the Care Inspectorate during their visit:

Re. Holiday Scheme

'You get to see people you might not see at the scheme during the term. That's really nice'.








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