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Below are links to available forms for you to download and complete.

Several policy documents are also included for your information.


If you wish to have your child's name added to our waiting list for a term time place at SASCS, please complete the following forms: (1) Registration Form, (2) Contract and (3) Privacy Notice. These are required for each academic year.


Registration Form 2022/2023 

Please use this form for all after school, breakfast club and/or holiday places for the 2022/2023 school year.


After School Club Waiting List Form 2022/2023

Please complete this form if seeking to put a child's name on the waiting list for a term time place.


Breakfast Club Waiting List Form 2022/2023

Please complete this form if seeking places at Breakfast Club.


Privacy Notice 2022/2023 - Please complete one form per family each academic year.

Parent/Carer Pack 2022/2023 (currently being updated)

This provides information about SASCS including an introduction, play & activities, policies, complaints procedure and an introduction to the Management Committee.


Attendance Form 2022/2023 - (currently being updated)

Please complete one form per family for each academic year.



Record of Medication - In the event a child requires ANY medication to be administered during their time at SASCS, parents/carers will be required to complete a medication record. Please contact SASCS to request this form.


This is our Data Protection Policy (currently being updated).

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If there is any change to your details during the school year, such as a change of address, please inform SASCS as soon as possible so we can update our records. Thank you.


Sciennes After School Care Scheme SCIO (SASCS)

Out of school care, Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 662 4810

Scottish charity no. SC048931

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