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The Sainsbury's Active Kids Voucher Scheme is back for 2017!


We are again collecting vouchers through this scheme so please support us in this enterprise. Vouchers will be available from 25 January - 2 May 2017 with purchases as follows:


Sainbury's Local - 1 voucher for every £5 spent

Sainbury's Supermarkets - 1 voucher for every £10 spent

Sainsbury's Online - 1 voucher for every £10 spent


This year we are collecting towards the following items:

mini basketball nets

rugby balls

a selection of physical free play equipment


Last year we did amazingly well and 'purchased' the following:


zigzag tunnel                                3 sets of first skills bats

play boccia set                            coloured tennis balls

2 soft tip electronic dartboards     4 sets of bean bags

4 horseshoe games                     cheerleading primary cards    


So we look forward to similar success this year!


Thank you.